Veterinary Medical Services

Veterinary Medical Services

Regardless of whether you come to see us for a wellness checkup or for an illness or injury to your pet, our staff will take care of your pet as if he or she were their own. We strive to excel in providing the most exceptional level of customer service to our clients, and to provide the highest level of medical care for your pet. We take the time to listen to your needs, and make recommendations based on your pet and his or her needs. 

Wellness Care

Here at Grace Park Animal Hospital, we believe in a tailored approach to preventive health care.  There should not be a “one-size-fits-all” protocol when it comes to preventive care, which includes examinations, vaccinations, and flea/tick and heartworm prevention.  We take the time to talk to you about your pet, their environment, and risk factors before we decide on a protocol that is right for you.  


Urgent Care

There may come a time when your pet is sick or injured.  We always reserve appointment space for same-day sick pet visits so that you can rest assured that if something goes wrong, we will be able to see your pet as quickly as possible.  We also offer evening emergency hours beyond our normal office hours from 5:30-7:30pm Monday through Friday.  Our doctors have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at their fingertips, including in-house bloodwork and laboratory, digital radiology (x-rays), and ultrasound to help get a rapid diagnosis on any illness that may arise.  So, you will never have to wait to get an answer if your pet is not feeling well.


Our doctors and staff also have access to the latest technologies in treatment options for your pet.  We have a fully stocked pharmacy which includes a variety of medications to treat a wide range of conditions.  Other advanced treatment options, such as laparoscopic equipment for minimally invasive surgery and laser therapy for acute or chronic conditions is all at our fingertips to help your pet immediately should the need arise.


Dental Therapy

We also have a full dental suite, equipped for dental cleanings, oral surgery, and digital dental radiographs (x-rays).  This equipment allows us to find evidence of periodontal disease before pets show signs of problems with their teeth or gums.  Many cats and dogs are capable of adapting to oral discomfort, so pet owners may not even know there is a problem until we take a closer look!



Our doctors are trained and equipped to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, including orthopedic surgeries, soft tissues surgeries, as well as minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.  These minimally invasive procedures allow your pet to heal faster and with less pain than with traditional surgeries.  Female dogs and cats undergoing a spay procedure, for example, are able to return to normal activity in 2-3 days, versus 10-14 days for a traditional surgical approach.

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